Monday, May 27, 2013

Chicago White Sox Bob Locker Appeared in 77 Games during 1967

Much more has been said about the White Sox starting pitchers of 1967 compared to the relievers. The formidable bullpen that year was led by Bob Locker and Hoyt Wilhelm. Bob Locker, #23 appeared in 77 games that year and finished the season with a 2.09 ERA and 20 Saves. Although the Palehose came up shy of the World Series in 1967, at least 7 players from that team later experienced a World Series Championship (Can you name all 7 ?). Bob Locker and Joe Horlen tasted championship champagne while teammates with the Oakland A's in 1972.

In 1994, Bob Locker corresponded about teammates, managers, & more.

Al Lopez: Skilled judge of pitching & when to make a change
Eddie Stanky: Really knew the game, lost his cool too much.
Gary Peters: Consummate pro, all around athlete.
Joe Horlen: A "pitcher's" pitcher
Ron Hansen: Quiet professional
Don Buford: Student of the game, hard worker
Ken Berry: Good friend. Hustler, great jump on the ball. Mediocre speed but he always got there.
Ken Boyer: Quiet
Hoyt Wilhelm: The least physical talent, greatest "competitive heart" of anyone who ever played. HOF
J. C. Martin: "Elmer Gantry"
Pete Ward: Dirtiest uniform and nicest guy.
Mickey Mantle: Superman without good knees. Muscles too strong for ligaments & tendons.
Al Kaline: Consummate pro.
Toughest Hitters to face: Oliva and Carew
Thoughts on the strike (1994): Line them all up together and pull the plunger.

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